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Michael Strong
5921 Rockhill Road
Kansas City, Missouri 64110

Cover Letter for Mike Strong - As programmer, photographer, videographer, writer, and more.

My career has been one of varied and overlapping skills and specialties. Any of those can be a full time job while also integrating knowledge from the others.

I've written programs since 1966, slightly before I've written stories, unless you include my high school paper stories. I've been a photographer almost as long, taking my first and only photo class in the summer of 1967, when I changed majors to journalism and broadcast writing. Later I would learn newspaper writing on the job at a daily in upstate New York, coming from a pair of broadcast news jobs.

Along the way I was a baker in high school and I still make my own breads, a geodetic surveyor in the Air Force, a bartender, bartender's school administrator, wait staff, meeting coordinator, photo lab technician providing the B&W sections of two commercial labs as well as being a one-man lab on my own and a tech writer leading to programmer after I wrote the user's manual.

I was a software engineer for an early online learning initiative in the late 1990's called the BIT (Bachelor of Information Technology), an online programmer for a third-party Caterpillar-parts international wholesale company and an adjunct instructor, teaching database and other courses at UMKC and writing my own educational software for my courses.

If you run into me out and about it is most likely at a dance event shooting a show or concert or series of concerts in both video and photo. Indeed, you may well have seen me behind a set of cameras.

Mike Strong


You can find examples of my photo and video work here (this site): http://www.MikeStrongPhoto.com

There are also CV documents here.

I keep a regular site for dance events in the greater Kansas City area here: http://www.kcdance.com


   (land) 816-444-4459
  (cell) 816-674-1133

   dancer@kcdance.com (goes through SpamArrest - expect a click-to-authorize return email the first time)
   mikesrongphotovid@gmail.com Primary Web Sites
   Resumes, examples of work and photos: http://www.MikeStrongPhoto.com
   Calendars and photos of dance in and around KC: http://www.kcdance.com