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KC Ballet Ball and Company Tour

Video by Mike Strong - 10 min 8 sec

Spring 2012

This was a video for display at the 2012 KC Ballet Ball fundraiser. The idea was a video tour of the new Bolender Center, home for the Kansas City Ballet. James Jordan, then ballet master of KCB (now with Sarasota) came up with the concept and chose music which would reflect a particular era but also a very regular 4/4 time signature to make it easier to match dancer's steps and their location music with a fresh sound track underneath.

Jeff Bentley (executive director) and Bill Whitener (then artistic director) are the guides we follow to locations in Bolender where I take stills, then follow a troop of dancers to the next area where I take more stills. At the end, the dancers emerge from an elevator and I zoom into Michael Davis' jacket, going to black. At that point, in the live ball, the dancers emerge from behind the video screens to complete two dances on the hotel dance floor. This video shows the video they watched and the completion of the event live as the dancers emerge until they finish their live show.