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Setting Up for Dance On with Billie Mahoney
"A Little Day Gig"

Billie Mahoney started her Dance On program in 1981 in New York City recording more than 300 programs. She re-started the program in April 2011 with myself (Mike Strong) providing cameras, shooting, editing and other equipment. This video shows me setting up. It is obviously abbreviated in the edit but you get to see pretty much the whole routine.

Dance On is aired (cable broadcast) weekly on Time Warner in Kansas City (Channel 17, I think, the Arts Channel). Although it is 1 1/4 hours this is only a tiny sampling of some of the many bits and many guests across the 2011 through 2015 period. Except where noted the added video and stills are by me. Some are contributed by those interviewed. At the start I include my own setup routine at Kansas City Ballet's Bolender Center's conference room.