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Why White Men Can't Dance

A mockumentary by Phil Cacioppo (writer, director, producer)

Most video by Mike Strong

Editing by Mike Strong

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Phil Cacioppo's "mockumentary" which follows fictional "Phil" as he tries to overcome his fear of dancing by searching far and wide for explanations of his dilemma. Phil is writer, director, producer and actor("?" as real Phil notes).

This was rendered March 10th, 2020. Phil started this in 2004. There is also a 2001 bit by Phil which was included here. After a hiatus WWMCD was back in production starting in 2017 although a recording was shot of The Wilders in November 2008.

This edit is all but final. There are various tweaks but nothing to really change the work. This is a small-res HiDef mp4 file (1280x720p) transcoded from the original mxf/422 file.

Rendered 2020 March 10th
Timecodes and Chapter Labels
00:00:10.00 Tango Mix
00:01:30.19 Bad Dancers
00:03:58.27 John runs
00:04:29.07 Lisa and Paris
00:08:26.21 Should Learn to Dance
00:08:59.11 Office Cubicle and Plant
00:09:41.04 Phil Reads Up
00:10:02.12 Phil learns guitar
00:10:47.07 Phil the Chick Magnet
00:11:24.24 Psychiatrist #1
00:12:01.21 Mean Dance Teacher
00:14:11.26 Young Dr. Terpsichore
00:15:43.11 Gene 90210
00:19:03.15 Psychiatrist #2
00:21:54.19 Kids in Dance Class
00:23:01.22 Barroom 1950's film
00:25:33.02 It is in my opinion
00:25:57.14 Maverick
00:27:06.06 It's Plastic
00:27:47.20 Why Not Just One?
00:30:58.03 Coming to the Party?
00:33:27.25 Coat Tree or Me?
00:35:19.29 Jessica, like to dance?
00:36:31.22 Val is a bad boy
00:37:52.10 Kevin and Shawn
00:39:02.25 Bottoms Up!
00:41:23.16 Ladies will figure it out
00:42:14.02 Godfather
00:43:18.18 Consigliere
00:46:02.23 Dance Flyer
00:46:39.21 Mayor Wheeler
00:47:13.13 Godfather's Gift
00:48:17.22 Melange Footballs
00:49:31.25 Swingsters Devil Dance
00:50:55.01 Swingsters
00:53:33.21 Debbie and Fred
00:55:12.25 I Will Dance So High
00:59:11.02 John's lesson from Krista
01:00:10.27 Joan and Jake
01:01:18.02 OPB Carlye Patrick Suzie Harrison
01:03:39.06 By the Book, Kris & Liz
01:03:58.23 Melange boy's class
01:05:14.21 Honky Tonk Hip Hop
01:07:10.22 Bollywood dancers
01:07:50.09 Old Teacher
01:08:19.04 Care to dance?
01:09:07.10 Reconciliation
01:09:35.19 Jessica, Kevin, Shawn
01:11:35.17 A Few Jokes
01:12:42.03 Will you dance with me?
01:14:50.18 Melange Joy of Dance
01:17:59.28 Phil and Kayla Dance
01:18:25.01 Reconciliation Dance 2
01:20:45.19 Lisa and Phil Waltz
01:23:48.06 Nobody Puts Baby
01:24:25.03 End-Credit Pictures
01:30:09.06 Credit Roll
01:33:00.20 Bloopers