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Promo: 2 Variations for Wylliams-Henry

Video by Mike Strong

1-minute promo for Wylliams-Henry (6 pieces)

Six pieces from performance are edited together here. In this promo compilation,
there is just enough time to blend the very different music tracks from each piece.
So I am showing not just the juxtaposition of edited sections but the technique
of editing on music and of using the original music for each piece, as opposed
to the more common practice of laying a piece of music underneath dancers.
That kind of thing will drive any dancer nuts. The steps won't match the music.
When I edit I do so on the music. You should not be overly aware of the change
in music between pieces and transitions happen on the music count.
Any motion matching comes after the music matching.


15-second promo for Wylliams-Henry (8 pieces)

Here the promo is much shorter yet uses segments from two additional performance pieces.
Most of the sound, from Omar's solo, underlies the full edit. I make no attempt to crossfade the music.
There isn't enough time. The music doesn't really change until the last section, with a longer finish.
In these 15 seconds, the pieces are chopped into small sections with more than one segment
from each piece, each very briefly. For some segments the sound from is allowed at full volume
over the underlying sound track.