Text from timecodes with text in CC for Quicktime

All code original, from scratch javascript. Copyright Mike Strong, kcdance.com  
Text (copy and paste to here) list of timecodes for Closed Captions
Typical format should look like this with time in hh:mm:ss.frames

[00:00:00.00] (manually remove this)

[00:01:43.37] Shooting in the music allows easier selection
[00:01:45.97] of those best moments
[00:01:48.04] Depending on where in the music
[00:01:49.08] those best moments are located, [00:01:50.94] we can use the musical count
[00:01:52.18] to position our shots
[00:01:54.51] In this sequence of Billie Mahoney tapping
[00:01:56.75] we want the danciest-looking moments
[00:01:59.35] first, look at the count
[00:18:36.35] 5, pelvis, up [00:18:38.35] (manually remove this last)