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good evening my name is kaylee mcgee and i am a junior studying politics and journalism and it is my utmost pleasure
to introduce our speaker this evening anthony beaver who is a military historian and a visiting professor at
the university of kent and at birkbeck college university of london he served in the british army as a
regular officer in the 11th hussars a former lee's nose lecturer at cambridge university and chairman of the society
of authors he's a fellow of the royal society of literature and of the royal historical society
he is a recipient of the pritzker literature award for lifetime achievement in military writing and the
historical association's norton medlicot medal for services to history in 2016 he was made commander of the
order of the crown in belgium and he was knighted earlier this year he's the author of numerous books about
world war ii including stalingrad the fateful siege 1942-1943
please join me in welcoming sir anton beaver [Applause]